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Design Request

Hi, I just joined this community to request a tattoo design that's fairly simple to make. The design itself is a bit childish, so please no making fun!! I have online images that need to be modified for this design request, but I can't do them myself (I'm in no way artistic)

The design would consist of two images, both approximately three inches tall (making six inches tall for the entire design). The first image below would be on top of the second image below, however, neither image will be touching the other.

From the first image, I would like ONLY the "equal" symbol on the Yellow Ranger's helmet. I would like the outline of this symbol to be a dark yellow line with a yellow glow surrounding the outline. No dark or colored filling anywhere -- just the line and glow.

Similarly, from the second image, I would like simply the outline of the "heart" symbol. I would like the outline of this symbol to be a dark pink with a pink glow surrounding the outline as well. Again, no dark or colored filling anywhere, and again, only the line and glow.

Both images would need to be the same width, however. If one symbol must proportionally expand for the other, then that's fine. Just as long as they hold pretty much the same proportional dimensions as are shown in the images. Please make both images fairly equal in size (ie., not one bigger than the other).

Please respond to my request via this entry, my LJ, my MindSay blog ( ), and/or my e-mail ( )

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thanks VERY much in advance to the person that designs this for me!! If you would like to contact me for further details/questions, please don't hesitate. =)
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