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For the love of Ink

For the Love of Ink
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about the tattoo_too community:

This is a community entirely based apon body mods, specifically tattoos.
Here you can share your tattoos, flash designs, drawings, photos, ideas, techniques and opinions, or you can request a design, drawn by one of the members or mods.
You can ask for opinions and tattoo advice.

This community is also open to peircing photos, opinions, advice, and ideas, though it is not our main composition.

Community rules:

1) No flame battles. If someone says something overly rude or obnoxious, get over it or notify pervshack, the mod/maintaner, and it will be handled. Any LJ Drama will result in a ban or a suspension.
2) Stay on topic. This is a community about body modifications, not anything else.
3) Stay active and promote, a community is no fun if it has no members!
4) You are allowed to promote other communities, but DO NOT SPAM MY COMMUNITY. That will result in a deletion or ban.
5) All pictures must be put behind an lj cut How to do this
6) You do not have to have a tattoo or peircing to be in this community, however, do not come into this community to insult tattoo art or peircing.
7) Since I already mentioned it: Tattooing is exactly that: an art. Please respect it. Tatto artists put a lot of time, effort, blood and love into tattoing.
8) Please find some way to "copywright" your art when you post it, to prevent theft.

Rules for requests
1) Be patient, drawing takes a lot of time and effort. It can take weeks.
2) Be specific in what you want, or nobody's going to draw you anything.
3) Members do have the right to say no to you.
4) If you dont like the results of the design you got, be appriciative and try again with a different artist. People put a lot of heart into their drawings, so it would be rude to insult them.
5) Do not steal art or claim it as your own design. Art on this site must be copywrighted to post, and claiming something copywrighted is plagerism, which is illegal. If you know of anyone who is doing this, please notify pervshack immediately. Claiming somebody's art as your own is highly unacceptable, and will result in a ban, and possibly worse.

Otherwise, please have fun! That's what this community is for!!