Lemarchand's Configuration (myq13) wrote in tattoo_too,
Lemarchand's Configuration

I've gone and done it again

Today I was gonna go to the tattoo parlor to get some ink and a labret with a friend of mine, but she bailed, so I went up on my own.

Actually I was originally gonna get an etching. But I couldn't make up my mind as to what I wanted or where, so I decided to delve into my notebook of future ink. I decided on an on my left elbow.

on my elbow. It was very painful. Actually it was the worst tat I've gotten so far.

I also got my labret. The only problem is that I can't have one at work, so I bought one of these to wear. And after the piercing is sufficiently healed, I'll put in a stud or spike on my days off. J my piercer told me beforehand that he had a new method of doing labrets that was quick and relatively painless. By now you should all know me well enough to realize that with me there is no quick and painless. J's new way of doing things is to insert the end of the labret stud into the cup end of the needle, then use a special clamp, where the hole is just big enough for the needle and stud to pass through. Well even though I ordered a 14 gauge plug, the company sent me a 12. And since it's clear neither I nor J noticed until he put it against the end of the needle. So he had to use a 12 guage needle, but that wouldn't fit through his special labret clamp. So much for the new method. The piercing went fine, the jewelery went in fine, but he had a problem with the rubber O-ring, it looks like the sent me 14 guage O-rings. After a bit of fussing he did manage to get it on, but said to be careful and keep an eye on it, to make sure I don't lose the damn thing in my sleep or something.

Everything was fine until just now. I was taking a drink, and I felt the plug fall into my mouth. I checked the bathroom mirror, and there was blood on my chin, and the O-ring was on my shirt. Well actually 1/2 the O-ring was. Apparently Glassware Studios sent me 12 G plug, and 14 G O-rings, and it finally snapped. I looked at the other rings, and they were all the same size. So even if I could get the plug back in, the rings would just snap like the first one. I think I just set a world record for shortest period of time with a labret, 4 hours.

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