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Long Intro, Large photos

My names Barb, Im 20 and I live in upstate NY. Just joined so I thought Id say hi and do the whole introduction thing.
I currently have 3 tattoos ( Matching Swallows on both sides of my upper back and a heart on the inside of my ankle with what I call my grandmother writen across it)  15 earings total and my nose peirced. I usually get some kind of peirceing or tattoo every year on my birthday and this year Im getting two new tattoos. I'll be 21 on June 20th so Im starting to really get excited now haha.
For this B-day Im getting a band of sheet music wrapped around my wrist and a Japanese cherry blossom branch (no sure where thats going yet)

I have to admit Im not entirely too happy with the way this one turned out. Up close it looks like poo but at a distance its not bad.

Right ear

This was rigth after I got the Tregus done , hence the blood. I also had the Rook peirced too, but it migrated out so I had to take it out and let it close. Its almost all healed so Im going to get it re-done soon

Also this was from when I first started guaging my ears...here they are a 10g and now Im at a 6g

Left ear

(no need to include a pic of my nose ring because....well everyone obviously know what one of those looks like)

thats all :-)
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